sunnuntai 24. maaliskuuta 2013

Can´t believe I said this but I´ve been thinking to invest for a Byul. <3

I´ve got three choices to pick and I really don´t know which one is for me...
Gorgeous carrot-head Paradis... or
Innocent Hermine...or
Marsmallow girlie Sucre? 
There´s too many great choices... my head is befuddled.

sunnuntai 24. kesäkuuta 2012

Bitten by a bug called 'Isul'

Hello fellows and  Happy Midsummer! ^0^
It´s been way too long since my last update but life´s been kept me really busy lately and finally I graduated from uni so maybe I have more time to update in the future. ;) Title says everything. Few choices I´ve been seriously considered as my first Isul are Mao, Lir or Kazuya and now the Groove inc. release a new boy I´m also terribly intrested! Dammit! >.<

Pictures aren´t my property they belong to Plasticpop/Groove. I just want to put them here so that I can look at them and made my decisions who could be the first Groove boy! :P

Mao, Kazuya Kujo, Lir & Hednar

The next photo is dedicated to doll lovers who also have other dolls than Groove/Junn Planning family.

~Not that different~
Rina Peach & Lucy ♥

Gotta go do the laundry, dazzling sunday to everyone! :)

perjantai 6. huhtikuuta 2012

Happy Easter! / Iloista Pääsiäistä! :D

Me: Don´t yell Jade, say nicely! u__u''
Jade: What? I did say nicely and I say it again HAPPY EeeasterR!
Me: *sigh* Almost...

I haven´t been able to take photos of Jade for some time as she had a "little accident" ( never leave mask cover at home when travelling with a doll) and she got a colorless spot on one of her cheek. Good thing is kind Jesmoth was able to fix it. ♥  So now she´s back being pretty self. :)))

Hope you guys get lots of easter eggs this year! ^__^  C´ya!

torstai 12. tammikuuta 2012

Love at first sight?

Hi there fellows and Happy New Doll Year! :D
I´ve been playing with the idea of making blog entry about dolly shoes but have zero inspiration. The darkest time of the year isn´t really helping and I feel overall lazy... -.-

Let´s change the subject. I was in a pullip meeting at Hunajasieni´s place back on December. When meeting was coming to an end I looked around closely some bjds Hunaja had on her living room. There was one bjd who got me curious. I played with her all evening and try different poses. My head started to running some photography ideas and I just loved how she posed. She didn´t have her face-up or wig but there was something about her what kept me coming back to her. On that day I really bonded with this doll even she wasn´t mine. ♥

Couple days later I got a mail she will be up for sale soon. I instantly send a message and told I´m truly intrested of her but need some time to think. We made a short layaway program for me and there´s only one payment left then I can see her again! I might call her Renate as it sounds special but still European. ^-^ She´s msd about 43cm tall and she´s got the best lips ever and her look isn´t nothing like my other dolls. She doesn´t have big eyes than most of my bjds or any other features I usually look for when browsing doll company sites. She´s planetdoll Roseanne. I´m not gonna upload any photo of her as company only shows normal skin version on their site but mine´s will be tanned. :) 

If you wish to see what kind of dolls Planetdolls generally are please visit:

Souseiseki with Veritas chips and curly wig. A leftover of a previous photosession with her. (Not my doll she belongs to mom.)

Forgot to say that under the headbanner there´s a link to my Flickr (those five tiny images if you click it, it will take you straight to my photostream if you´re intrested to see more.)

keskiviikko 28. joulukuuta 2011

7 random faktaa

~Finnish post only this time~

Tässä sitä taas huomaa kuinka tohelo olen edelleenkin blogini kanssa! *ärrinmurrin* Lukemani blogit listalla on vain murto-osa niistä blogeista joita seuraan ja todellisuudessa niitä pitäisi kyllä olla enemmän. Mistä lie johtunee...?

Noh kuitenkin Nightmare Oy heitti minua awardilla, joka menee näin:

 1) Kerro henkilö linkin kera blogissasi, joka lahjoitti sinulle tämän awardin
2) Kirjoita seitsemän random faktaa itsestäsi.
3) Lahjoita tämä sama award 5 parhaalle blogille/bloggaajalle.
1. Minulla oli joskus yläasteella yöraudat muutaman vuoden. Tämän jälkeen pidin vielä vuoden  jatkuvasti käytettäviä rautoja ylähampaissa. Silloin ei paljoa hymyilyttänyt, mutta se auttoi saamaan suhteellisen suoran hammasrivistön. :) 

2. Hiuksissani on pinkkejä sinettejä, joista pidän ihan suunnattomasti! ♥ 

3. Unirytmini on vaturallaan. Ollut jo monta monituista viikkoa...Välillä saan sen korjattua, kunnes taas joku yö valvon ja peli on jälleen menetetty. x)

4. Olen aika ujo hissukka uusien ihmisten seurassa ja saatan takellella sanoissani.

5. Opiskelen vielä, mutta minun ei tarvitse enää fyysisesti olla luennoilla läsnä. Kaikki pakolliset istumiset alkaa olla takanapäin. 

6. Addiktoidun helposti maailman yksinkertaisimpiin peleihin tyyliin Tetris. ;)

7. Polttelen mielelläni tuoksukynttilöitä, varsinkin vaniljakynttilä on ollut kovassa käytössä. Se rauhoittaa mieltä ja tuoksu on viipyilevän lempeä. 
Ääh en osaa päättää 5 bloggaajaa jolle tämän awardin lahjottaisin. 
Tehköön ken haluaa. :0)
Niin ja jottei tämä olisi pelkkä väritön tekstipostaus, niin Siru tulee toivottamaan hyvää yötä/päivää/ huomenta - mikä kenellekin sopii!
 Siru ♥

sunnuntai 25. joulukuuta 2011

perjantai 18. marraskuuta 2011

Girls love cute stuff

Hello!  =)
Two gorgeous headbands arrived some time ago. I thought they would fit my pullip girls but man I was so wrong! Even for Dal it´s a little bit snug.


Hope was one of the girls who get to  try it first. She feels like a princess already! ^^

Lonely princess...

Also Ilona´s new lovely pale wig arrived but the problem is it doesn´t look good when her eyebrows are so dark and full.
I´m considering sending her off to some face-up spa which could do wonders. ;)

 She also needs more clothes but Christmas is coming and some shopping needs to be done. So basically, she have to wait unless I learn to sew... (propably not). ^^'''

Cactus pup! <3